Ear Ache

The most common causes for earache are probably ear infection or cold.  While seeing a physician is probably the best thing to do there are home remedies that may help reduce the pain and provide some comfort for your kids.


  • Please proceed with caution!  If not follow the proper procedure it can make the pain unbearable due to the potency of the oil in garlic.
  • Peel a suitable size clove of garlic and cut a small piece off.
  • Wrap the clove in a small piece of thin cloth (gauze or chees cloth will do) with the cut side in the end.
  • Leave enough room of cloth that you can grab with your fingers.
  • Place the wrapped garlic just inside the ear canal.  It should not be place too deep inside the ear.  The oil from the garlic must never touch inside of any part of the ear canal.
  • Leave it inside the ear for a few hours.
  • The natural oil from the garlic will help relieve the pain.

Coconut Oil

  • Place a few drop of warm coconut oil in each ear, one at a time, and leave it there for a at least 10 minutes.



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